New live-in-the-studio video with Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71

with GIUSEPPE PARADISO MERIDIAN 71 – Metropolitan Sketches

One of my favorite collectives to make music with, Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71 just released a new live-in-the-studio video, “Metropolitan Sketches” – check it out! Giving my Strat its studio debut…

Giuseppe Paradiso – drums
Malick Ngom – sabar drums
Mark Zaleski – sax
Utar Artun – piano
Galen Willett – fretless bass
Jussi Reijonen – guitar

New live-in-the-studio video “Song For my Father” with Gabriela Martina released

Excited to share some new original music from the incredible Gabriela Martina… this is the first of two live-in-the-studio videos we shot at Bacque Recording Engineering with the amazing Luis Bacque in December, “Song for My Father” – a preview of Gabriela’s upcoming new record.

Huge thanks to Mad Professor Amplification for the inspiring sounds!

Louis de Mieulle | Matt Garstka: DUAL out now!

Thrilled to announce the release of “DUAL”, the new album by Louis de Mieulle and Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders)!

The album is the first installment of two parts – the second one coming out in summer ’18 – and features some of the most challenging, beautiful music I’ve ever had the opportunity to record. Needless to say, I feel honored to be featured alongside such players as Louis and Matt, both of whom I met during my Berklee time, not to mention the incredible playing of David Potaux-Razel and Aki Ishiguro.

You can hear my guitar lines on the tracks “Dramatic Intro (Hymn to the Sun”), and “Cubic Rubes”; the other tracks I recorded on will be out next summer.

Hope you enjoy!


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Out April 23: Neotolia’s new album “Neotolian Song” featuring Dave Weckl, David Fiuczynski, Arto Tunçboyacıyan, Bassam Saba, Yazhi Guo


From Anatolia, From the Heart: Bridging East and West, Neotolia’s Originals Spring from Mediterranean Traditions, Turkish Folk Songs, and Jazz Forms

In Anatolia, where Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean world overlap, layers of history – thousands of years of it – can translate into layers of melody, rhythm, and sound. This is the vision of Neotolia, an international ensemble of diverse, highly skilled musicians based in Boston. Led by singer-songwriter Nazan Nihal and pianist/composer Utar Artun, the project explores traditional and tradition-inspired pieces through the lens of contemporary composition, jazz, world music and improvisation.

On their latest album, Neotolian Song (Interrobang Records; release date: April 23, 2017), the Turkish-born duo imagine lost ancient languages (“Neotolian Song”), mourn those lost to terrorism (“Değişmek Cesaret İster/ Change Takes Courage”), and weave new emotion into striking folk songs. Artun and Nihal have enlisted musicians hailing from Finland to Lebanon, from Iraq  to China to add their own voices to complex yet elegant pieces. Turkish traditional instruments like the qanun, ney and oud, Western and Eastern strings (violin, cello, erhu) join a core quintet (Nihal voice, Artun on piano, Jussi Reijonen on guitars, Bruno Råberg on bass, and Giuseppe Paradiso on drum kit). Read More…

Teaching-artist-in-residencies in Finland in February

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing two teaching-artist-in-residencies in Finland this coming February:

13-15 February 2017
GLOMAS Nordic Master of Global Music program
+ Folk Music Department

20-21 February 2017
Keski-Pohjanmaan Konservatorio

The residencies will discuss melodic and rhythmic concepts from Middle Eastern, African and Indian traditions, as well as questions of identity as a contemporary musician in today’s increasingly cross-cultural world.

Looking forward!

SONIC RELIEF – Fundraising Concert to Aid Syrian Refugees: Wed Dec 16th 2015



Curated and organized by musicians Gabriela Martina (CH), Sophie Maricq (ESP/UK/BE) and Jussi Reijonen (FIN) in collaboration with Berklee College of Music’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion, SONIC RELIEF is a humanitarian fundraising concert to gather donations and raise awareness to aid refugees of the war in Syria. Now in its fifth year, the war has cost the lives of more than 250,000 people, and displaced over 11 million people, creating a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale.

This concert brings together musicians from around the world who will perform classical repertoire of their respective traditions to promote social awareness of the Syrian humanitarian crisis. Performing onstage will be world-renowned Arabic oud (11-string fretless lute) and violin virtuoso Simon Shaheen, as well as the Lee Swensen Katz Trio with Cleveland Quartet founding member and Grammy-award winning cellist Paul Katz. All artists are forgoing their performance fees to support the cause.

All proceeds will be donated towards humanitarian aid in refugee camps and conflict-affected areas in Syria and Jordan via Questscope, an international 501(c)(3) organization based in Jordan. All gifts to Questscope qualify as charitable contributions and are 100% tax-deductible.

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Jussi Reijonen: trï to play Burlington Discover Jazz Festival on June 7th 2015


Guitarist/Oudist/Composer Jussi Reijonen Brings New Project trï
To Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

Sunday, June 7 at BCA Center in Burlington, VT

 “…extraordinary music…(Reijonen’s) playing is deep and profoundly nuanced throughout.”
— Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player

 “Reijonen’s musical universe has no frontiers. It is a beautiful, sensual mosaic of traditions and influences.”
– Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

 “Musical cultures and sensibilities cross, evocatively… without blinking or apologizing.”
— Josef Woodward, DownBeat

Finnish guitarist/oudist/composer Jussi Reijonen showcases new arrangements of music from his acclaimed CD Jussi Reijonen: un at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 7. In his new trio Jussi Reijonen: trï, he is joined by an international cast of players: Turkish pianist Utar Artun and Palestinian cellist Naseem Alatrash. Together they create a fascinating multi-cultural collage where the open spaces and silences of Scandinavia effortlessly rub shoulders with the maqamat of the Arab world and the rhythmic richness of India and West Africa, creating a truly enchanting musical mosaic.

The concert takes place at the BCA Center, 135 Church Street, Burlington, VT. Free admission. For more information go to or call 802-863-7992. Read More…