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US release date for “un” set for February 26, 2013

Dear Friends,

I’m writing this at a(nother) café, in-between rehearsals with the incredible multi-instrumentalist Marty Ehrlich, who is the artist-in-residence at New England Conservatory this and next week. Beautiful sounds and textures happening… it continues to amaze me what kinds of situations my oud and I find each other in.

First off, I want to thank all of you for tuning in to listen to the preview clip I put up of my upcoming album un recently – the positive response has been overwhelming to say the least. Thank you to each and every one of you for the support – I can not begin to say how much it means to me. Words are sometimes so… limited.

Second, I’m very happy to announce the US release date of un has been confirmed for Tuesday, Feb 26 2013.

The official release date in Finland will be confirmed shortly, but it will definitely be before the US release.

Many things are in the works behind the scenes, all of which I can not announce yet, but it looks like the upcoming year will be a very memorable one for sure. I’ve managed to secure a wonderful team of publicists both in the US and in Finland to help promote the record and the gigs my quintet, and I will be playing anywhere people will receive us.

I’m currently in the process of putting together an album release tour of Finland for early 2013 and hope to be able to announce solid dates soon, so stay tuned. If it happens, it would be my first time performing on Finnish soil since 2008, so here’s hoping all the pieces of the puzzle fall in their place.

Meanwhile, my quintet and I will be doing album preview shows on the East Coast in the US during the fall, and are planning to shoot a live video as well, so check the Events tab on my Facebook Fan Page or the Performances tab on my website for gig updates – many more to come soon. Add to that plans to record Gabriela Martina‘s next album in October/November and an assortment of other gigs and sessions and it looks like it’ll be a beautifully music-filled fall season.

So, stay tuned, please keep spreading the word, and – if you’re in Boston and want to come and hear The Music of Marty Ehrlich concert, come by Jordan Hall on Thursday, Sep 13. We hit at 8 pm!



un – Album Preview

that; (met.) anything that can be felt rather than defined; individuality; grace; one with presence (persian)
one (french)
not; contrary to (english)

Dear Friends,

I’m writing this towards the end of a hot East Coast summer spent largely indoors wrapping up and preparing the release of a project that – depending how one counts – has taken me anywhere between 6 and 12 years to finish. I’m beyond happy, proud, excited and a little nervous to be writing these words in particular, since I can FINALLY announce the release of the first preview of my debut album as a leader, entitled un. Continue Reading →